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Bass Guitar Lessons Frisco

When it comes to the bass guitar, we know the technique and dynamic behind this crucial instrument. We want to help you be the best bass guitarist you can be through our individual bass guitar sessions! It’s hard to teach yourself such a complex instrument. That’s why we want to do all the work while you have fun learning! We start by going over different aspects to the bass guitar such as tone, the gear you should be using when playing the bass, style, and rhythm. The bass guitar is the support to the whole band. Without it, the band sounds quite a bit off or a just a little quirky. That’s why it takes a musically strong individual to carry the beat through the bass guitar. Here at NAMS, we want to help you achieve this goal. We know that the bass guitar is a hard instrument to learn, but it’s a lot easier when you have a team of talented musicians by your side while you are learning it!


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Learning dynamic ways of supporting your band and even new techniques.

  • $165/Month – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $250/Month – Forty-five Minute Private Lesson
  • $330/Month – Full Hour Private Lesson


An hour long class focused on learning together

  • $120/Month – Weekly Classes
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Why you need our bass guitar lessons in Frisco

When it comes to playing the bass guitar, a lot of schools will tell you they know what they are doing. But can they say they have veteran students who have excelled to a professional level? Can these other schools claim that their bass guitar lessons in Frisco have molded new and skilled musicians in the DFW area? We can! Here at NAMS, we offer the best bass guitar lessons Frisco has. We take pride in the fact that we have a more creative approach to teaching bass guitar for beginners and advanced. Instead of drilling you with theory, like most other schools do, we start by asking you what your favorite song is. In one of our 30 or 60 minute one-on-one sessions, your teacher will get to know you and your abilities. From there, they can teach you the fundamentals of the bass guitar. But only after they first get to know your individual musical prefence!

Here at NAMS, we provide the best bass guitar lessons Frisco offers

Deciding on the best bass guitar lessons Frisco has is an excellent choice! Here at NAMS, our primary focus is our students. That’s why we only offer individual sessions for the musicians that come to our school ready to learn how to play the bass guitar! After our teachers feel that you have mastered the art and technique of the bass guitar, they can refer you to our band classes. In these classes, you will learn how to write and play music in a band setting. If you are an aspiring bass guitar player, this might be of interest to you! Many of our students that took our bass guitar lessons in Frisco have gone on to do wonderful things such as playing in gigs and bands all over the DFW metroplex. That could be you next! The first step is to call us and schedule your first bass guitar lesson at NAMS!