Learn Scales On One String(Ear Training/Fretboard Mapping Exercise)

Stringed instrument players:

Learn scales on one string at a time.


One’s melodic intuition, or INNER VOICE, can develop more comfortably by digesting the sounds and pitch movements in a linear or one dimensional fashion (one string). Much like the intuition of speaking or singing pitches. 

In many ways, this requires less mental effort and coordination for technique; and allows more “emotional” connection to the movement and mapping of the fretboard.

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Learn the Notes & Memorize Them On Your Instrument Today!

To fluently speak the language of music, it helps to learn the names of the notes. 

*Guitar players*: Memorizing the fretboard is easy when you can name all 12 notes of the musical alphabet away from the instrument. Don’t get concerned with scale boxes until you do this!


If you have not done this before, memorize them right now! [Recite out loud to practice.]

 A      A#     B     C     C#     D     D#     E      F     F#     G     G#


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Make A Forever Memory

Let’s create something together! 

$150 Recording Gift

  • Good for 2 hours of recording time. Includes engineer, recording time, editing, and mixing/mastering.

With the holidays full swing ahead, we are opening up the recording studio to record student performances. Here are some examples on how you could use your studio gift certificate:

  1. You can use this time to sing or perform over a pre-recorded track.
  2. You can record a solo performance of any instrument.
  3. You can record an original song.
  4. You can create an arrangement with our staff musicians.

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Fully Digest New Information.

Properly digesting new material is integral to mastery of technique, rhythm & harmony, and boosting creativity. 

Just like when eating a meal, it is in your best interest to chew the food thoroughly before you swallow. This helps your body efficiently absorb nutrients.

What happens when you try to swallow too big of a bite before you chew? What happens when you aren’t done swallowing and you put more food in?


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What’s the Difference in Hearing and Listening?

Are you listening to what you are doing when you practice/play? Or are you just hearing?


I ask students this question often, and they get a blank look on their face. Deep down, they really know the answer to the question, and are coming to the realization that they have not been listening to what they are doing.

Listening is simply PAYING ATTENTION to what you are hearing. 

Master your techniques, fretboard, and keyboard memorization with laser focus so you can divert all of your mental energy to listening to what you are playing.

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Life Changing Gift

Hello NAMS family! I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for your continued support at NAMS. We are still here sharing the gift of music in Frisco, TX because of you. This facility is meant to be a safe place for you. A shelter of some sorts from the outside world. Here, we hope you feel accepted, encouraged, and free to explore your creative gifts. We hope your kids feel this when they walk through our doors or interact with their instructor.

This kind of educational and creative work is rooted deep in community, and deep in the long game of personal development. We can only succeed with the support of this community, which means we can only succeed with your support.

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