Studio Time

// Recording. Engineering. Editing. Consulting.

  • $60 – Hourly Rate
  • $500 – Day Rate With Engineer (10 Hours)
  • $300 – Day Rate Without Engineer (10 Hours)
  • $50 – Session Musicians (per song / per musician)


// Full service production for records. No time restrictions. Free access to session musicians.

  • $1000 – Per Song



  • $150 – Per Song

Audio & Scoring

// Original music for commercial and film scoring.

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Why we have the best recording studio Frisco offers

Are you still recording your music at home? Are you tired of having unnecessary background noise in your recordings? Then you should check out the best recording studio Frisco has! Whether you are a NAMS student or you are in a band, our studio called Noise Umbrella Studios is open to all kinds of musicians. We offer tons of different features to make sure you have the best recording experience for your music. Rather than limit ourselves to the restraints of in-house studios, we have tons of things to get your music recorded the right way. Vintage recording gear. Pro-tools. And the help of our experienced students in engineering classes and musical interns, you can rest assured that you are in good hands at our recording studio in Frisco!

You will be glad you visited our recording studio in Frisco

Our recording studio in Frisco is a creative space. The singers and bands that have recorded here have felt that it was easier to make music in our studio than in their home’s studio. In the past six months, we have recorded a ton of songs. We have even given many bands a jumpstart to their careers with our many musical tools. We are proud to say that our recording studio in Frisco is also home to an up and coming label called Noise Umbrella Records. Our goal is to give artists a stepping stone to getting their music out into the real world. Our recording studio in Frisco welcomes all kinds of genres and performers. We aren’t limiting when it comes to music. We have faith in all types of artists. We know how hard it can be to get started. That’s why we offer a top notch recording studio for anyone who needs to record some music!