Guitar Lessons

The guitar is something that all of us have wanted to play at some point in our lives. Whether you are a beginner or an extremely seasoned musician, we have teachers that can grow your ability.

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Piano Lessons

Piano has traditionally been the instrument that all of our parents made us learn whether we like it or not. Good news is that NAMS will make sure you love it whether it was your intention or not!

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Drum Lessons

Drums are the backbone, core, and all-around vital part of any group. We want to make sure that you receive the proper instruction to both enjoy and be great at this instrument. Come see us to learn how!

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Bass Lessons

If you want to play the most smooth, underrated instrument please let us teach you the bass. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, our instructors have experience on the road and in the studio.

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Voice Lessons

Despite what so many are told, whether singing comes naturally or not to you, all need to be taught. Control and power are all things that our NAMS teachers can help you learn.

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  • $145/Month – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $260/Month – Full Hour Private Lesson


  • $100/Month – If enrolled in private lessons

For First Time Students FREE 15 Minute Lesson

Music Lessons Frisco

Are you an aspiring musician? Do you live in Frisco, Texas? Then our music lessons in Frisco are the best choice for you! Here at NAMS, we offer a wide range of classes. Drums. Guitar. Voice. Piano. Whatever musical skill you are hoping to learn, our team of trained professionals can help you achieve your goal! We don’t skip over your skill level and place you in a beginner class if you are an intermediate drummer. Just like we don’t place you in an expert level guitar class if you don’t even know how to hold a guitar. Here at NAMS, we work with you in an individual class to help make your journey towards becoming more musical a happy and helpful one!

Why NAMS provides the best music lessons in Frisco

Drums. Piano. Guitar. Whatever you want to learn, we can help! Our trained staff offer individual sessions for each and every student that calls our office. When you sign up for music lessons in Frisco, we will first assess where you are musically. Our teachers will ask you a number of questions to gauge what kind of music you are interested in, how far along you are in your musical journey, and if you are doing this for a hobby or to further your career in music. We take our music lessons in Frisco very seriously because we want you to get the most out of your class! That doesn’t mean we don’t have fun while doing it, though. We will work with you specifically to help improve the way you sightread, play, and learn music. Each student is different when it comes to music. That’s why we offer individual music lessons in Frisco! Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call us today to schedule your very own music lessons in Frisco with NAMS!