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The drummer is so vital to a band. He or she keeps the beat. If the drummer is two steps behind or three steps ahead, the whole song falls apart. You have to be able to keep a beat with a thousand other things happening around you. You have to hear the metronome inside your head and make sure it doesn’t go a beat above what it should be. With NAMS, you can be rest assured that our drum lessons Frisco carries will help you get to that point. Our team of trained professionals will help you along your drumming journey in a fun and creative way. No matter what type of music you are interested in, we can help you play to the best of your abilities. We want more than anything for you to succeed. To be a part of helping you achieve that goal makes us so proud! Let our professional drumming team assist you to be the best drummer you are capable of being!


Call us to set up a FREE 15-MINUTE MINI CLASS


Starting from tempos to going through multiple grooves.

  • $145/Month – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $260/Month – Full Hour Private Lesson


An hour long class focused on learning together

  • $100/Month – If Enrolled in Private Lessons
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Why NAMS has the best drum lessons Frisco offers

Are you a drummer that lives in Frisco, Texas? Are you looking to perfect your drumming skills? Are you an aspiring drummer who wants to one day be a part of a big band? Then you have come to the right place! Our drum lessons for Frisco residents are the perfect choice for you. We have a team of equipped professionals ready to teach you the art of drumming. If you are just starting out, you might be worried that the first few classes will be boring learning the basics. But we are a bit different when it comes to the fundamentals of drumming. We schedule you for an individual session with our experienced drum teacher. Here, we can access how you play, what your abilities are, and what genre you like the most. First, we start off learning a song you enjoy. Then, we integrate the necessities of drumming like basic rudiments and stroke techniques. Our drum lessons in Frisco are fun and enjoyable!

Our drum lessons in Frisco are the right choice for aspiring musicians

Once you graduate from our beginning drum lessons in Frisco, you will move on to a more advanced level. This includes a number of things. You will learn how to write songs, sight-read, and you will become more familiar with the art of music that comes with playing the drums. In our drums for beginners, we have had a very high success rate with the way we coordinate our drum lessons in Frisco. Our focus is the student. We make sure you don’t advance too quickly or get held too far behind. Whatever skill level you are at in drumming, we accommodate to that with our individual drum lessons in Frisco! Give us a call today to sign up to become the best drummer you can be with the help of NAMS!