Why you should take our drums for beginners class

Here at NAMS, we focus a lot on the student as an individual. No two drummers are alike. That’s why we offer unique and individual drums for beginners classes. You can choose from a 30 minute or a 60 minute session with our experienced teacher. From there, we assess your abilities and what genre of music you most enjoy. Only then can we really get started on teaching you the music behind drums for beginners! First, you will begin by learning one of your favorite songs. You don’t start out drumming with a boring theory book. At NAMS, we provide an integration of theory in a fun drumming class! You will learn the fundamentals like basic rudiments and stroke techniques. It will become much easier for you to incorporate these theories into music you actually enjoy playing!

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Our drums for beginners class will help you learn quickly and efficiently

After you take our drums for beginners class, you will have accumulated a ton of helpful techniques to excel at drumming. We start out by asking what your favorite song is. Then, we teach it to you! Our focus is on you as a student and your creativity level. We hope that you will take away a ton of techniques after taking our drums for beginners class. We want you to be able to sight-read and make your own tunes. We want you to learn more about what role the drums have in a musical composition. It’s important to know the fundamentals. But it’s also equally important to have a good time while you are playing the drums! Whether you want to be a drummer for a band or you are just picking up a new hobby, the best place to start is with our drums for beginners class!