Guitar Lessons

Whether its riffs, lead lines, chord structures, or just learning a couple of songs, NAMS has the teachers and the resources to get you to the level you want to reach. There’s always more to learn!

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Piano Lessons

Piano is one of the most beautiful and dynamic instruments ever created. It sets a great basis of whatever genre of music you want to enter. If it’s as simple as just basic chords or as advanced as solos!

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Drum Lessons

Building the proper rhythmic section in a band is such a vital part of any group. We have extremely talented individuals here that will educate you in the right way to do exactly that!

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Bass Lessons

There are many things that come into play when playing such a vital instrument as the bass. Here at NAMS we have the proper teachers in place for you to be on your way to mastering it!

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Voice Lessons

Being the front man of the band comes with the responsibility of knowing how to take care of your instrument. The voice is a wonderful instrument to know how to properly use. NAMS gets you there!

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  • $165/Month – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $250/Month – Forty-five Minute Private Lesson
  • $330/Month – Full Hour Private Lesson



  • $120/month – If enrolled in private lessons

For First Time Students FREE 15 Minute Lesson

Why music lessons are the right choice for your child

If your child has expressed an interest in learning how to play music, then NAMS is the right choice! From guitar lessons to voice lessons, your son or daughter can hone in on his or her creative side here. Instead of drilling children with boring lesson plans and theory textbooks, we take a different approach. Our teachers focus on the creative aspect of music. So during piano lessons and bass guitar lessons, we treat it as more of a fun class. We don’t want your child to start thinking of music as another class, complete with homework and all. Our homework is writing creative songs and playing music that your child will actually want to play. Our homework is fun!

Why we bring out the creative side of our students during our music lessons

Here at NAMS, we are all about the students. We take each individual’s personality traits and abilities into account. If your child is shy, we have private lessons. If your child is an extrovert, he or she will do better in our band classes with other peers. Our teachers take a different approach to music lessons. The thing about our music lessons is we don’t like to force children to learn a certain way. Rather, we try to bring out the abilities in them that we know they can do. With our help, we can get your child on the road to becoming a real musician! Knowing how to read music is important. Knowing the C scale is also important. But music is more than scales and theory. It should be a way for a child to express themselves creatively. These lessons are about learning how to use your own abilities to write a song. Whether your child is into Taylor Swift or Metallica, we teach him or her how to play artists’ songs while learning how to make up their own.