Studio Time

// Recording. Engineering. Editing. Consulting.

  • $75 – Hourly Rate
  • $500 – Day Rate With Engineer (10 Hours)
  • $300 – Day Rate Without Engineer (10 Hours)


// Full service production for records. No time restrictions. Free access to session musicians.

  • $1000 – Per Song



  • $200 – Per Song

Audio & Scoring

// Original music for commercial and film scoring.

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A recording studio you must see

If your band is still recording music in your garage, then we have good news for you! When it comes to recording your music, we have the best place to do it! Our recording studio uses a ton of special equipment to make sure your specific style is captured. We have recorded everything, from touring musicians to local bands. Whatever you need, we can provide it! Our recording studio is much better than a house studio. We have vintage recording gear if you need it. We have pro-tools to make it easier to record. We take pride in the fact that our recording studio’s atmosphere is creative and inviting. You won’t be stuck in a boring room where the paint on the wall is so white, you can’t hear yourself think! But rather, we have a comfortable space where you will find how easy it is to make music!

A different approach to a recording studio

Inside NAMS, our recording studio is called Noise Umbrella Studios. We are currently transforming this studio into its own record label called Noise Umbrella Records. We believe in the local aspect of music. This means that we have a special place in our recording studio for all musicians. Here at NAMS, we won’t just chew you up and spit you out after you visit our recording studio. Rather, we make sure you succeed on as many levels as you can. Our recording studio doesn’t discriminate based on certain genres or musicians. We know all musicians have something to offer. It’s our job to bring it out of them! With the help of our quirky and creative recording studio, we give bands and musicians a leg up in the music world. From voice lessons to art classes, we give you a creative space to work in. We have created so much music in the past few months, and we hope to continue this creative flow in our recording studio!