Why our piano for beginners class is great for people of all ages

If you are looking to take up piano, then our piano for beginners class is right for you! Here at NAMS, we teach a little differently. Instead of drilling you with theory and giving you a ton of homework, we take a different approach. First, we figure out what genre of music you love. Then, we begin by teaching you a song you enjoy. Only then can we start to incorporate theory into our lessons. We have found that this the best way to teach piano for beginngers classes. People of all ages learn better when they are being taught something they actually enjoy. You won’t enjoy chord progressions of jazz if we just dive right into it! That’s why we slowly integrate the basics of piano into songs you enjoy to play and listen to! Before you know it, you will be the best player at piano around the Dallas area!

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Piano for beginners is a great way to jumpstart a new hobby

Music is a great way to escape the real world. Here at NAMS, we teach you a ton of techniques. These techniques will equip you to even write your own songs. Chord progressions. Scales. Hand placement. Sight reading. Posture. We cover it all here in our piano for beginners class! You might go on to become a keyboardist for a band around the DFW area. Or, you might take a step back and use piano as your newest hobby. Whatever you prefer, we help you excel at your own pace. We know no two students are alike. That’s why we teach each student based on his or her abilities. From there, we build upon your existing talents to make you even better at the piano! Call us today to learn more about our piano for beginners class and when you can sign up!