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Learning the piano might be scary to some people because it is new and different to them. But it doesn’t have to be! Learning to play the piano isn’t scary with the help of our team of trained teachers assisting you every step of the way. First, we assess what type of music you are into. Then, we begin by teaching you musical pieces that are right up your musical taste alley! Along the way, we integrate things like theory and hand placement. But we don’t make the class all about the mundane tactics. We like creativity. We believe having fun is a main part of learning music! If it isn’t fun for you, then you won’t give it 100%. That’s why we focus a lot of our attention to teaching you things that you actually want to learn. Here at NAMS, we offer the best piano lessons Frisco has! Let us help your creativity shine through your music! Let us help make learning the piano fun and exciting for you!


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INDIVIDUAL Piano Lessons

From Learning Chords, Playing with both hands, to creating melodies.

  • $165/Month – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $250/Month – Forty-five Minute Private Lesson
  • $330/Month – Full Hour Private Lesson


An hour long class focused on learning together

  • $120/Month – If Enrolled in Private Lessons
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Piano lessons for Frisco piano players

Do you want to learn to play the piano? Or are you an experienced musician that is looking to perfect your piano playing abilities? Whatever mold you fit into, our piano lessons in Frisco can help! Here at NAMS, we focus on the student as an individual. We don’t lump our students together and assume that they are all on the same page. Our piano lessons in Frisco make sure your specific abilities and talents are addressed. Whether you are into classical music or eccentric jazz. Our professional teachers can help you excel at the piano! Our goal is to figure out what you are looking to achieve by taking piano lessons in Frisco. After we figure out that you are looking for a new hobby and you need piano for beginners, or you want to be a professional piano player, we can begin to teach you! First, we focus on the fundamentals of the piano. Chords. Hand placement. Posture. And everything in between will come second nature after we are done with you!

Why NAMS has the best piano lessons Frisco offers

Our success rate is quite high here at NAMS. We are proud to say that many of our students have gone on to play gigs around the DFW area. If you prefer jazz, we help teach you how different chords are constructed when you are writing music. If you love classical pieces, we study a ton of celebrated composers. Some of these you may know. Some you might not. That’s the beauty of learning at our piano lessons in Frisco! We teach you something new every day. We help you achieve your goals in playing the piano. Whether you are experienced, intermediate, or a beginner piano student, we can help you excel at your own pace! Give us a call today to learn more about our piano lessons for Frisco musicians!