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From singing in musicals to singing along in the radio, our vocal lessons can help you improve your vocal range to the best of your ability! Here at NAMS, we believe that no voice is a lost cause. Even if you believe that you are the worst singer in the world, we will listen to you sing with happy ears on willing teachers that are eager to help you learn how to perfect your gift. We offer tons of different techniques to properly train your specific voice. We know everyone is different when it comes to singing. Some people sing too flat. Others sing too sharp. We help hone in your individual abilities of singing and engage in your strengths to help you grow as a vocalist. With techniques, chords, theory, and a little sight-reading, you will be a singing machine by the time you walk out our doors and into the audition room for a musical on stage.


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INDIVIDUAL Voice Lessons

From Proper breathing techniques and learning how to sustain melodies.

  • $34 – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $60 – Full Hour Private Lesson


An hour long class focused on learning together

  • $22 – If Enrolled in Private Lessons
  • $40 – If NOT Enrolled in Private Lessons
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Why we have the best voice lessons Frisco carries

If you love to sing, then our voice lessons in Frisco are the best choice for you! We give you the necessary skills to train your voice to be the best it can be. Don’t stress out if you think you don’t have a great voice. With our individual voice lessons in Frisco, our team of trained teachers can help you improve your skills! We train you on many different subjects. From sight reading to hearing harmonies, we teach you a number of techniques to learn the art of singing! After you take our voice lessons in Frisco, you will even learn how to write lyrics and how to sing complex rhythms. Singing is a joy that can be learned by anyone who is willing to give it a try! Our voice lessons for beginners class has something for everyone who wants to learn to sing.

You won’t regret choosing our voice lessons in Frisco

With our voice lessons in Frisco, you will learn a ton of different techniques to highlight your strengths and improve your weaknesses. Whether you can’t hear a harmony or you don’t know how to read music, our teachers will help you! We are patient. We have experience. We are a top rated music school here in Frisco! Some of our students have gone on to perform in gigs around the DFW area. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then our voice lessons in Frisco are the right choice! Even if you aren’t looking to perform and you just want a new hobby, we can help you improve your voice after a few lessons. Learn how to read music, write your own songs, and sing a little better when you are listening to the radio in your car. It’s all possible with our voice lessons in Frisco!