Are you weird?


We’ve got to take a moment and remind the social world about what we have going on at Neighborhood Arts & Music School (NAMS), located in Frisco, Tx. NAMS is an education facility equipped with world class instructors teaching lessons to 200 students in the greater Frisco area. Our ideas have continued to morph, and our direction is still on the journey of learning how to become providers of the best service in our community, and indeed we still have a longing for more.. more students, more instructors, more impact.. more community..

Why is that? Why is it that all businesses / communities / PR firms / ad-heads want to appeal to the mass? What’s so good about the mass anyways? For years we as a culture loved to indulge in normal products made for normal people. If you were in the “in” crowd, you saw the movies that everyone else were watching, you ate the food you were sold to eat, you caught up with the news like everyone else did. This idea of being “normal” meant you were a super solid paradigm of the “mass.”

Fast forward to this moment, where I’m realizing that NAMS was not built on feeding the mass population. NAMS was made for the weirdos; the ones truly looking for a break from the mass. Not everyone has the guts to dive into music and art. Not everyone has the determination to tackle a life-long pursuit of learning. The ones who do, however, need a community of like minded folks to connect to and grow with.

And it’s because of that very reason that I invite you be a part of what we are cultivating at NAMS.

NAMS is open for it’s 8th year of business starting January 5th, 2015. If you or anyone you know would like to take a shot at learning music or art, this is a wonderful time to take the leap and get to learning.

(o) 214.436.4000
(a) 8102 Stonebrook Pkwy Ste. 200 | Frisco, Tx

Young Stars Academy TV/FILM Program



NAMS is happy to announce we’ve partnered with Educational Presenters Network to provide outstanding resources and instruction for students interested in the TV & Film industry! EPN is offering NAMS students $50 off registration for their 3-day weekend blast coming up July 25-27th.

Please SIGN UP BY THIS FRIDAY to enjoy the discounted rate!

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