2017 Winter Recital

Hey NAMS community,

The 2017 WINTER RECITAL is now available for sign up!

The Gist:

1. Recital Date: Saturday, December 16th

2. Venue: Tower’s Tap House | 290 E Eldorado Pkwy, Little Elm, TX 75068

3. Shows Times: Morning Show 11:00a – 12:30p | Afternoon Show 1p – 3p

4. Sign Ups: Now Open | End Thursday December 9th

5. Cost: $25 for a single student; $40 for two students; $15 per student for three or more

6.NAMS Band: We will provide a NAMS band for top students wanting to perform with a live full band. (It is a $20 additional cost to use the backing band which covers rehearsal time and the recital performance.) Please ask your instructor if you qualify!


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Anthem Auditions – 9/6 at 7PM

If you are ready to sing at Globe Life Park in front of thousands,
this is your chance!

NAMS will be holding auditions this upcoming Monday, 9/6 at 7pm. If
you have an arrangement of the national anthem, you are welcome to

This means singers, piano players, guitar players, etc.. We are open
to any honoring and creative rendition of the anthem. Have fun with

Only have 7 slots available!

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Community Connections


Neighborhood Art and Music School (NAMS) was recognized with this year’s Building a Winning Team Best of Business Award. NAMS qualified for this award based on an “ecosystem” they have built that fosters and supports great team members, their encouragement and support for travel, new education and staff members, and their formula used for inspiring team members through regular communications.

The owner, Levi Bradford, began teaching at the school in 2010 and acquired the business in 2012. In the past five years, NAMS has been able to share the gift of music and art with thousands of students.

Mr. Bradford says, “Once you can empower your team members to understand the business is equally as much theirs as it is yours, you have unlocked the greatest asset to your organization — enthusiasm. Here at NAMS, our mission is to share the gift of music and art with others.”

We appreciate you sharing your talent with Frisco! Congratulations!

-Frisco Style Magazine

Not Ur Girlfrenz and Three @ Four

not ur gf



Tonight at 7pm! NAMS talent takes the stage at Lava Cantina The Colony! These students have earned their spot on the biggest stage in North Dallas with their own bill. HUGE CONGRATS to Not Ur Girlfrenz and Three at Four .. Couldn’t be more proud of these groups and their hard work!  If you are curious about the benefits of music education at NAMS, and give us a call at 214-436-4000 to get plugged into lessons!

On Structure and Organization


Simple house rules

You have to first learn how to be a technician. (Do the work, play the music, create the art, make it happen)

You can then learn how to become a manager. (Teach the people, guide them, share the gift)

Finally, you can become the entrepreneur. (Cast the vision, change what’s possible, live and express freely)

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On Leadership and Vision

nams facility

People do their best work when they are most empowered. I once read about a high performing CEO at a fortune 50 company. If you walked around the office and asked the employees who was responsible for the recent success of the organization, they’d point to the big dog’s office. On the contrary, if you marched into the CEO’s office and asked him the same question, he’d point back out to the employees. The removal of self ego and the ability to admit you don’t have all the answers creates a culture where everyone feels involved. Once you can convince your staff members to feel like the business is equally as much theirs as it is yours, you have unlocked the greatest asset to your organization – enthusiasm. They say if you light it on fire, people will come for miles to watch it burn. This energy is infectious, and with it you can spread your message.

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