NAMSgiving 2019

Dear my dear NAMS fam!

I want to personally invite you to the biggest event of our semester here at NAMS. On October 27th, we will be hosting our annual NAMSgiving event. If you haven’t been to one of these events in the past, we’d love to catch you up, invite you out, and ask you to join in on the fun.

NAMSgiving started as a way to merge the best of our school’s student performers, the best staff bands and artists, and the best performers directly involved in our community. The vision is simple.. get everyone together for one beautiful event. We host this event around Thanksgiving each year, and it’s our way to celebrate our accomplishments, enjoy our time together, and most importantly… GIVE!

We live in a self-consumed world. Most folks are trying to up their game, get better at their own skills, elevate their career… etc.. NAMSgiving is a way to flip the script. Let’s all join in under one roof and support a cause beyond one self.

For our giving function this year, we are going to donate the proceeds from NAMSgiving to hurricane relief efforts. We have direct community members whose family and friends were destroyed by the recent disaster. It’s going to take years and years to start to rebuild what was already there. We are excited to do our part to raise awareness and resource for the areas that need it most.

Furthermore, I’m excited for staff and students to mix. My dream is for parents and students alike to be able to listen, hear, and study the folks that teach at our school. We will see many talented bands, acts, and artists. Don’t sleep on this!

As the event comes closer, we will unveil more details, perks, and prizes for attending. This is an open invite for all friends and family. Let’s pack the place out and celebrate the act of living and giving.

Hope to see you there!

-Levi Bradford

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NAMS Guiding Principles

Did you know ???? that NAMS established 5 guiding principles to help us filter each and every decision through? We did this almost 6 years ago and they have guided us well as we have adapted and changed with the progress of time. If you are ever faced with a tough decision, run it through these principles and let them guide your path.

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Tyler Heaton – AKA Ekblad – Releases “cold, with hope”

A youngish fellow whose craft is audial, Ekblad is the brainchild of Tyler Heaton, who just released his first single into the world. The tune, “cold, with hope,” displays an immense artistic vision for his first offering. Ekblad self produced this in his bedroom, mixed it in our studio at NAMS, and released it independently. Listen to the preview below, and make sure to check the whole track out on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

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3@4 | Sulking In The Rain

This is an exciting one for NAMS and the students who pursue their music here at the facility. 3@4 started off at our facility in private lessons. They quickly joined together as a live band playing covers of classic and indie rock music. Seasoned in live gigs, the band moved towards the journey of writing, recording, and releasing original content. “Sulking In The Rain” is the first original product of 3@4. With it’s catchy hooks, intriguing storyline, and assertive performance, the band shows promise of a bright future. Recorded here at NAMS, we are thrilled to share with you the first of what’s to come from these talented artists.

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Meet the Staff


  • Creator of Noise Umbrella (recording label & publishing house, est 2013)
  • Multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, producer
  • Goals –> Continue to share the gift of music and art via NAMS. Continue building a platform for musicians via Noise Umbrella

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