Meet Ginny

Ginny Ross is a Texas native artist, born in Dallas and raised in various parts of the United States and Mexico. After attending IVY Tech College in Indiana and earning an associates degree in graphic arts, Ginny worked for the advertising agency, Franklin Ross and Associates, headquartered in Louisville, KY.

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Anna Thomas and Levi Bradford on GMT!

Anna Thomas is a talented singer/songwriter who has been involved with Neighborhood Arts & Music School for a very long time. She has been off writing and collecting material for her first full length record for the past few years. We got the unbelievable opportunity to be invited to play live on Good Morning Texas last week. We took full advantage of sharing the talent that has been birthed out of this place.

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Songs of Love

Here is a wonderfully orchestrated song featuring one of our talented instructors, Amber Nicholson. Amber teaches piano and vocal lessons at Nams. This song was recorded inside our studio at Nams for the first dance of Brian and Krista Scott at their wedding in December. We are thankful for the memories Nams continues to provide.

Written by John Cooper and Levi Bradford.
Produced, arranged, engineered, and mixed by Levi Bradford.
Mastered by David Castell.
Vocals by Amber Nicholson.