On Structure and Organization


Simple house rules

You have to first learn how to be a technician. (Do the work, play the music, create the art, make it happen)

You can then learn how to become a manager. (Teach the people, guide them, share the gift)

Finally, you can become the entrepreneur. (Cast the vision, change what’s possible, live and express freely)

Too many folks like to imagine themselves at the pinnacle of the ecosystem, looking from the top down. Great communities, businesses, families, teams, groups, etc … aren’t built like that.


NAMS and Noise Umbrella are constantly streamlining our structure and organization to be as simple as possible. We hope to never fit the mold of complicated structural organization. Rather, we hope to be a good example of how to simplify the community needs to run efficient and benefit everyone involved.

If you have suggestions on how to build something greater, we invite you to join in!

Your friendly NAMS staff.