On Leadership and Vision

nams facility

People do their best work when they are most empowered. I once read about a high performing CEO at a fortune 50 company. If you walked around the office and asked the employees who was responsible for the recent success of the organization, they’d point to the big dog’s office. On the contrary, if you marched into the CEO’s office and asked him the same question, he’d point back out to the employees. The removal of self ego and the ability to admit you don’t have all the answers creates a culture where everyone feels involved. Once you can convince your staff members to feel like the business is equally as much theirs as it is yours, you have unlocked the greatest asset to your organization – enthusiasm. They say if you light it on fire, people will come for miles to watch it burn. This energy is infectious, and with it you can spread your message.

Our message is rooted in our mission, which is to share the gift of music and art with others. We believe music and art have the capability to change hearts, and that’s what we are after. To do this effectively, we have to be prepared to show the community what’s possible through education. How can you know where to go if you don’t have a destination in mind?


For the education sector at NAMS, we operate on a non-curriculum based lesson format, meaning that the student can learn whatever they want to learn and go wherever they want to go. This is interesting because it leverages the imagination of the student as the driving force behind how far the lessons will go. As a staff, we are always brainstorming on how to twist the status quo on it’s head. We’ve found that if we can teach someone how to think creatively about music and art education through showing them what is possible, than the lesson will go further than ever imagined. We’ve also adopted the fundamental concept that we are always learning. Arriving at a destination is not the point. The point is to enjoy the go, enjoy the now, and enjoy the journey. We’ve always arrived. We’ve never arrived. It’s a beautiful thing.


As for the recording sector at NAMS, we are running full force into an exciting new chapter. Over the past five years we have created a studio environment where music and the pursuit of it is at the center. The recording studio led to the launch of Noise Umbrella, an independent recording label that has been operating inside of the facility since 2013. The mission of Noise Umbrella is to simply be a platform for the creatives in our community. In an age where financial support for the arts has reached an all-time low, we decided to double down and invest into music creation. We’re currently building a world-class studio control room, designed to be a telescope for the ear, in hopes to show the community what is possible in sound recording. Noise Umbrella has been fortunate enough to release records through Capitol Records, Dream Label Group, and InGrooves. We’ve licenced music through Music Bed to ad agencies and film directors, and we’ve been nominated for the Dove awards.


We are excited to embark on this next chapter at NAMS and Noise Umbrella. There’s a spirit in the air like never before, one that we hope to capture and communicate through the gift of music and art. Because of the education platform, we are able to employ 10-15 staff members, all of which are integrated into creating music through Noise Umbrella, all of which play an integral part of our mission. We are en route to educate thousands of artists, release thousands of recordings, and change the hearts of those who are willing to open their ears and eyes. We invite you to join us.


Thank you for your time,

Your friendly NAMS staff.