Bass Lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass is such a simple yet vital instrument. There are so many things to consider when trying to learn the instrument, and if you don’t have the proper techniques under your belt, you aren’t going to get to the level you desire. Here at NAMS we have those proper teaching tools to make you hit the ground running when it comes to learning the bass! The bass tends to get overlooked. It’s a simple but still such a dynamic instrument. There are so many aspects of the bass that never get taught, but here at NAMS we can teach you those unheard of techniques that you can’t just simply pick up with intuition. These techniques are often including tone, playing style and even what kind of gear you own. We know the solution for your band’s issues. Being a bassist is all about support. We can help you get the right sound for any of your bands needs!


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Learning dynamic ways of supporting your band and even new techniques.

  • $165/Month – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $250/Month – Forty-five Minute Private Lesson
  • $330/Month – Full Hour Private Lesson


An hour long class focused on learning together.

  • $120/Month – If Enrolled in Private Lessons
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Why NAMS has the best bass guitar lessons in the DFW area

When it comes to playing the bass guitar, our teachers are quite experienced. We have veteran bass players that have gone on to become teachers or players in a band setting. The reason? We teach our bass guitar lessons a little differently than most. We make sure the student has fun! First, we acknowledge your musical preference. If you like rock, we begin with one of your favorite rock songs. If you like heavy metal, we can work with that, too! You will choose from either a 30 or a 60 minute session with one of our experienced teachers. The great thing about our sessions is it’s a one-on-one class. This makes it easier for our teachers to assess your skill level and focus on your abilities individually. This yields more success than in a huge group setting where you might get overlooked. With our bass guitar lessons in Frisco, you can bet that you are getting the best musical education in the DFW area!

Why bass guitar lessons are the right choice for you

Bass guitar lessons are something you can definitely benefit from. It doesn’t matter if it’s bass guitar for beginners, you are just starting out or you are looking to tweak your form. Our experienced teachers will teach you the fundamentals as well as how to play in a band setting. After you work one-on-one with one of our teachers, you can graduate to a band setting. From there, you will learn the importance of a bass guitar’s role in a band. You will also learn how to actually make your own music, rather than just play a few chords. If you want to just keep the bass guitar as a hobby, then that’s fine, too! Our bass guitar lessons don’t discriminate based on your skill level. We know you want to achieve your goals as a musician. It’s our job to get you there!