Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Maybe you already know quite a bit of chords, maybe you even know a coupe solos, but here at NAMS we think there is always something to be learned. It doesn’t matter if you are a songwriter, a veteran in the music industry, or just starting out, we know that there is always going to be something to tackle and some kind of technique to learn. We always want to make sure you never stop learning. When you stop learning, you stop creating. Creativity is something that’s always needed for learning such a complex instrument like the guitar. From different tunings to simply just playing a couple chords, we know that it’s more than just what you play but even how you play! We teach you inversions, solos, chords, and even some techniques you weren’t familiar with! Guitar is such a fun instrument that you will rarely want to put down.


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INDIVIDUAL Guitar Lessons

From basic chord structures, to inversions, to even learning solos.

  • $165/Month – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $250/Month – Forty-five Minute Private Lesson
  • $330/Month – Full Hour Private Lesson


An hour long class focused on learning together

  • $120/Month – If Enrolled in Private Lessons
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Start your guitar lessons right with NAMS

If you are attempting to play the guitar, it’s probably because of a specific musician. Maybe you love acoustic songs. You might be into something a little heavier. Whatever your preference, you will be glad you made the choice to take guitar lessons at NAMS! First, we figure out what genre you most enjoy. Our team of professional teachers then use that as the starting line to your individual guitar lessons. It is much easier to teach a student the guitar when you start by playing a song that inspired the student to want to play guitar in the first place! From there, we then move on to teaching the fundamentals of the guitar. Strings. Hand placement. Scales. These things are necessary. But first, we focus on your individual preference to make the fundamentals of guitar for beginners exciting! We have had a much higher success rate with people learning the guitar this way!

Learning guitar lessons the NAMS way

Rock. Pop. Acoustic. Pick your poison! By starting with the genre you love, you are far more likely to grasp a firm hold on specific chords and hand placements. This makes it easier for our teachers to then transform you into a full fledged guitarist! Starting out, you will work individually with our teachers. This helps our staff learn the ins and outs of your specific abilities. From there, we can move forward on the journey to make you the best musician you can be. You will find that with this technique, you will retain information better. You won’t be struggling trying to remember a chord. You won’t fall behind when your friends start playing in a certain key. Whether you just want to learn the guitar for fun or you are on the road to becoming a guitarist for a band, our guitar lessons are sure to help in the best way possible!