Voice Lessons

Voice Lessons

Being a vocalist isn’t as easy as everyone says it is. It actually takes a ton of care and attention to your voice. You’ll want to make sure you get connected with us so that we can properly teach you how to use your voice and grow as an artist. Whether it comes to sustaining melodies, hitting high notes, or just simply staying on key, NAMS can properly teach you how to sustain and cultivate your gift. Each musician is equally vital and the vocalist is no exception! Singers often take techniques lightly, but we can definitely show you why it is so important to be smart with your instrument. We can even show you what it means to be a vocalist of different styles, we take pride in knowing we can find the right song selections and how to achieve any sound you want while also bringing your own style out!


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INDIVIDUAL Voice Lessons

From Proper breathing techniques and learning how to sustain melodies.

  • $34 – Half Hour Private Lesson
  • $60 – Full Hour Private Lesson


An hour long class focused on learning together

  • $22 – If Enrolled in Private Lessons
  • $40 – If NOT Enrolled in Private Lessons
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Why our voice lessons can be for anyone who loves to sing

Do you like to sing? Do you think you are tone deaf? Whether you can sing along to the radio or you can’t, our voice lessons can help perfect your form! You know the singers you see that are popping up all over the radio? They didn’t just wake up one day with a natural ability to sing. Yes, some people have a higher skill when it comes to singing, but the good news is every voice is teachable! That’s our job. With our voice lessons for beginners or veterans, our team of trained professional teachers will help you explore your unique voice. We help guide you through the journey to exploring your range and learning useful skills to help you sing! We provide the best voice lessons Frisco offers!

Why voice lessons at NAMS are the perfect choice for you

Even if you think your voice is no good, our voice lessons will help you excel at singing! Our teachers are experienced. They have perfected the art of singing and they are willing to do the same for you! Singing is accessible to anyone who wants to try. Through our voice lessons, you will learn a number of things. Techniques like reading music, hearing harmonies, and learning rhythms are just a few of the things you will learn with our classes! If you have stage fright, don’t worry. Our classes are taught in an individual setting so you don’t have to stress about singing in front of a ton of people. But if you love the spotlight, our teachers will help you get to the point where you can perform in front of a crowd of thousands! No matter what your dream is, our voice lessons will help you achieve your singing goal! Give us a call today to learn more about our voice lessons!