When John Coltrane plays the melody early in the track Harmonique, you can hear some of the notes crack.

Of course, Coltrane was completely capable of playing these notes the traditional way. And yet he didn’t.

It’s this effort and humanity that touches us about his solo, not just the melody.

Sometimes, “never let them see you sweat,” is truly bad advice. The work of an individual who cares often exposes the grit and determination and effort that it takes to be present.

Perfecting your talk, refining your essay and polishing your service until all elements of you disappear might be obvious tactics, but they remove the thing we were looking for: you.

These are words that weighed heavy on our thoughts after we read them. Seth Godin describes a clear way of thinking that has developed in the business culture. Tightening up our shoe strings and putting on the mask of all knowledge will not only lead us to an unfulfilling journey of music, but take away the very aspect of why we all got the itch to dive into the craft in the first place, which is because many before us have opened up and shown the world who they really were.
We’re taking the plunge to be effortless, and show our community who we really are.
Join us?