Meet Ginny

Ginny Ross is a Texas native artist, born in Dallas and raised in various parts of the United States and Mexico. After attending IVY Tech College in Indiana and earning an associates degree in graphic arts, Ginny worked for the advertising agency, Franklin Ross and Associates, headquartered in Louisville, KY.

While working for Franklin Ross and Associates, Ginny married, had two children, Christian and Chase Ross, and produced much of her acclaimed work whose relevance is still turning heads today. Ginny’s design has also been utilized for marketing campaigns of the Tandy Corporation and many other notable companies around the country. Ginny is also an accomplished freelance illustrator with which has coined much of her beloved and most notable style of Pen & Ink.

Today, Ginny not only paints and continues to create art, but you can also find her working as a licensed esthetician and assistant to Dr. Lee Ligon at Ligon Chiropractic in McKinney, TX.

Here are some examples of some of her recent work.

Acrylic on Canvas