Summer Is Here


We are pleased to announce that our summer programming is available. We believe we have designed an educational system that anybody could plug into and learn, regardless of where you are at with your specific craft.


  • Objective – Playing music by yourself isn’t always the fast track to growth. Now, it is highly encouraged to practice, learn, and keep growing individually, but combined experience tells us that peer learning is always the next step. Band Camps are designed with group learning in mind. Students will be placed into groups by age, talent level, and musical preference in order to learn how to play, interact, and perform together. You should come expecting to learn multiple songs for a performance at the end of the week.
  • Who This Is For – Band camps are designed for anyone wondering how to take group performance to the next level. This is also highly helpful for individuals looking to plug into our band program at Nams.
  • Where – Neighborhood Arts & Music School. 8102 Stonebrook Pkwy. Frisco, Tx 75034
  • When – 10am-2pm Monday – Friday (Band Camps go on all summer)
  • Price – $300
  • Objectice – Are you looking for a crash course week on development, training, and cultural exploration? Music Camp Intensive weeks are designed for you. In five days, you’ll be challenged to write a creative song from a few chords, develop ear training by picking out melodies from songs, find the bells and whistles of popular music, play new instruments, and even explore the culture of Dallas on a field trip. We want to break the monotony of doing the same thing everyday.
  • Who This Is For – Music Camp Intensive is designed with the wanderer in mind. If you’re looking to explore many new avenues of musical growth, this is for you. With different activities daily, you’ll be thrown into a world of diversity and culture. Come ready to be filled.
  • Where – Neighborhood Arts & Music School. 8102 Stonebrook Pkwy. Frisco, Tx 75034 | Downtown Dallas for a field trip on Friday.
  • When – June 17th-21st & July 15th-19th. 10am-2pm
  • Price – $300


  • Objective – For many creatives in our community, they are looking to learn detailed specifics on different avenues and mediums of art that interest them specifically. We recognize that a team of 10 instructors could not teach every subject someone becomes interested in. For this reason, we’ve opened up our doors (and our contact list) to find professionals in the subjects matter that interests you. The college is designed to find classes that interest YOU specifically. Please take a look at our SUBJECT LIST to find a topic you’d like to learn about more in depth. If you can’t find something that interests you on our subject list, please feel free to ask us for a customized class.
  • Who This Is For – This is for anyone and everyone looking to learn more about CLASS SPECIFIC subjects. We bet if you name your interest, we have someone who can teach you about it.
  • Where – Neighborhood Arts & Music School. 8102 Stonebrook Pkwy. Frisco, Tx 75034 (Center Room)
  • When – Classes will be offered after 3pm Monday-Thursday. Scheduling is catered around when the student and instructor can find a common time.
  • Price – $200 per class (2-4 Hours of Instruction)

Please visit our Summer Programs page to learn more.

You may also call us at 214.436.400.

Or email us at,, or


Looking forward to a great summer.

– Neighborhood Arts & Music School