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Parents! Has your child experienced NAMS yet? 

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At NAMS, we have developed an approach to music education that allows you to get where you want to be faster. We aim to save you precious time by getting the tools you need. With us, there is no reason to waste time.

  • One on one music education has tremendous benefits. We cater our lessons to YOU! Want to learn jazz? Rock? Classical? Pop? We have the experience and desire to share what we know with your family. If we are already working with you, we are so grateful. If we haven’t met you yet, we look forward to the day!
  • Our non-curriculum approach to music education allows the student to choose their destination. (With us as the guide) we look forward to showing you new possibilites.
  • If you don’t know what is possible, how can you know where to go? Our goal is to uncover the possibilities of a creative life in the arts. One on one mentorship helps close this gap.


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Blessings from the NAMS fam!