Life Changing Gift

Hello NAMS family! I wanted to extend my deepest gratitude for your continued support at NAMS. We are still here sharing the gift of music in Frisco, TX because of you. This facility is meant to be a safe place for you. A shelter of some sorts from the outside world. Here, we hope you feel accepted, encouraged, and free to explore your creative gifts. We hope your kids feel this when they walk through our doors or interact with their instructor.

This kind of educational and creative work is rooted deep in community, and deep in the long game of personal development. We can only succeed with the support of this community, which means we can only succeed with your support.

Changing Lives for the Better

As we march forward past the grip of the pandemic, we have great hope. Our sights are set far beyond this year. The seeds that we have planted need time to grow. They need to be watered, cared for, and expected upon.
We hope to cultivate this musical landscape and reap a great harvest of life-changing art for years to come.
Life-change is what we are after. Through our experience, we know that music has the ability to:

  • Shape Generations
  • Bless Families
  • Alter our Direction
  • Change the World


Thank you for allowing us to create that legacy with your family. 
Here’s the closure… if you have any family members, friends, or contacts who might benefit from this kind of life-change, we would be over the moon excited to meet them and get them plugged in to lessons. Step by step, lesson by lesson, skill by skill.. this is how change develops.


If you refer a new client, let me know and I’ll personally give you a gift on the house. Gifts include free lessons, admission into masterclasses, professional mentoring, and new educational eBooks that we are developing. We want to make sure that it’s worth your effort to share. I personally guarantee we’ll make it worthwhile!


We appreciate your support more than you know. Especially during this time. We look forward to sharing the gift of music with you each an every week. Thank you!


Very best wishes,

Levi Bradford