Make A Forever Memory

Let’s create something together! 

$150 Recording Gift

  • Good for 2 hours of recording time. Includes engineer, recording time, editing, and mixing/mastering.

With the holidays full swing ahead, we are opening up the recording studio to record student performances. Here are some examples on how you could use your studio gift certificate:

  1. You can use this time to sing or perform over a pre-recorded track.
  2. You can record a solo performance of any instrument.
  3. You can record an original song.
  4. You can create an arrangement with our staff musicians.

What better way to share the gift of music than with an audio memory that will last forever? We can promise you that you will feel safe, comfortable, and inspired/challenged by the process. Recording in the studio is much different than performing live. We can not only ensure a professional product, but most importantly a safe space to develop, practice, and grow your skillset in the recording environment.

Have questions about the process? Give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to make this an amazing experience for you and your family. We have several staff engineers, musicians, and creatives ready to help you find breakthrough in your journey.


With love,

Your friendly NAMS staff