Learn the Notes & Memorize Them On Your Instrument Today!

To fluently speak the language of music, it helps to learn the names of the notes. 

*Guitar players*: Memorizing the fretboard is easy when you can name all 12 notes of the musical alphabet away from the instrument. Don’t get concerned with scale boxes until you do this!


If you have not done this before, memorize them right now! [Recite out loud to practice.]

 A      A#     B     C     C#     D     D#     E      F     F#     G     G#


This is the chromatic scale. B and E do not have a sharp [#]

Depending what key you are in, you may see the same exact pitches labeled.

A      Bb     B     C     Db     D     Eb     E      F     Gb     G     Ab


C and F do not have a flat. [b]

Once you get to the end, the same cycle of notes starts again with higher versions of the pitch(octaves)


If you know this, you can find every note on every string. If you know this, you can build scales, melodies, and chords in any key.


Start simple by playing and saying out loud every single note in order on one string. Then move to the next string once confident.

Ensure you are gracefully landing directly behind the fret for sake of proper technique.

Next, work on finding every single A note on each string. Then A#, and so on.


Don’t wait to do this in the future. You will be on a smoother path to speaking the language of music! Each note has a function or (flavor) in relation to a given root note, and we want to know the use of that flavor. Boxes and shapes can be useful tools, if grounded in a strong understanding of how each note relates with one another.

If you want to dive deeper into this concept, give us a call to get plugged into the school! Neighborhood Art and Music School(NAMS) is located in Frisco, Tx on Stonebrook Pwky between the Tollway and Preston Road. We also provide virtual lessons!